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Compt T/A Years (cars:totaled:fake)
1995 (55:3:0) 1996 (31:0:0) 1997 (19:1:0)

Compt T/A Models
Comp T/A (105)

SLP Option Code
R6V Formula Firehawk and Comp T/A Option (89) 1993-1997
WU6 Firehawk Option for 1999-2002 (27) 1999-2002

Merchandising Model
2FS87 Firebird Coupe (5)

Model Type
W66 Merchandised Pkg Pontiac Firebird Formula (1)
Y82 Trans Am package (Coupe) (91)

Roof Type
CC1 Removable panel glass hatch roof (T-Tops) (64) 1991-2002

Exterior Color
13U Exterior color - Silver Metallic (94) 1995-2002
U9566 Paint Blend Code - Sebring Silver Metallic (15) 1995-2002

Interior Color
122 Graphite leather trim combination (70) 1993-2002
134 TRIM COMBINATION LEATHER, MEDICI RED (4) (97) 940602 E 6 E A (1)
142 Light gray leather trim combination (17)
14B Dark gray cloth trim combination (1)

LT1 Engine gas, 8 cyl, 5.7L(5.7P), MFI, HO (92) 1992-1997

MN6 Provisions for 6-Speed manual transmission (60) 1993-2002
MX0 Automatic Transmission Equipment Group (Console etc) (33) 1991-2002

Rear Axle Ratio
GU5 Rear axle gear ratio 3.23 (35)
GU6 Rear axle gear ratio 3.42 (59)

SLP Options
Castrol "Syntec" High Performance Lubricants Package (16)
Comp T/A Car Cover (30)
Comp T/A Floor Mats (46)
Oil Cooler Package (25)
SLP Hurst Shifter (32)
Sport Suspension Package Level 2 (Bilstein) (29)
Torsen torque sensing differential (22)

This page will grow with other stats as I think of more ways of doing queries. If you think of any please let me know. Some data may not match other data (B4U counts and 1992 counts), this is due to incomplete data on some cars. If you don't have all your RPO codes listed on your car please help us out by sending them in. Thanks!
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